Vision Assist Glass

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Vision Assist Glass

Intelligent Assistive Glasses APP bring countless conveniences to your life.

This is a pair of visual guiding glasses, and the design of this product includes the application procedures and the glasses. This product is created for the purposes of helping the users with navigation function and protection of the users. The target customers are these with visual disabilities. The users can control the device by speeches. The product is able to offer the services of navigation, first aid, surroundings and the mode of sign in. The features of the design of this product include voice control of the device, reorganization and definition of the location and position of the users, and then the realization of voice navigation and safety protection through the connection with APP.

My Role: UX&UI Designer / Motion Designer

Time Frame: 2 month  

Release Date: 05/09/2016

GPS Navigation System

Enter the destination via voice

Display your location and distance in real-time

Vision Assist Glass

Early concept:

The idea of Vision Assist Glass comes from the problem we found after a lot of research. According to the report from China blind person’s association. The total number of disabled people in China at the end of 2014 is estimated at 85.62 million. Vision disabled people 15.4 million. And that number is growing. Only about 21% of the city's own public facilities for disabled persons, but almost all public facilities are not friendly to the blind. Blind groups don’t have economic support, they can't afford guide dogs. Also, now only 8 cities in China allow guide dogs to enter public transport. And only 15% Vision disabled people could take care by professional nurses.

At the end of 2014 is estimated 

at 85.62 million. Vision disabled people 15.4 million.

There are only about 21% of the city's own public facilities for the disabled person.

Only 15% Vision disabled people

could afford to get a professional 

Nurses take care of their life.

Project Proposal:

We try to define the problem through the research. 


  1. How to help visually disabled people without changing public facilities?

  2. What's the aspect the vision disabled people need help most?

  3. How to make the vision disabled people travel independent and safe?

  4. What kind of devices is best for the vision disabled people to use?

  5. How to reduce the cost of equipment?

  6. How to design reduce help from the other people and don’t burden their family?


1.competitive / society analysis

There are not a lot of products are helping vision disabled people in their daily life. We carried out a number of competitive and analysis the following designs .

The EyeWriter​


Which is a low-cost, open source eye-tracking system that will allow ALS patients to draw using just their eyes.


Be My Eye​

The idea behind Be My Eyes, a new app that connects the blind with someone who can see.

Blind Crutches E-touch

"E-touch" is an interactive design system 

adding hearing and tactile navigation system into the ordinary blind crutch.

2.User Research (Survey & User interview)

We used surveys and user interviews to do the user research. We send out the online survey and interview the vision disabled people.We conducted a survey with two primary goals. First, find out what is the most difficult issue they have in their daily life. Second, what kind of devices are most convenient for them to use. We analysis the issue according to user research the define the problems we want to solve.

Problem Statement

  1. They easily get lost when they travel alone. 

  2. It always takes a long time to go out. 

  3. They easily get hurt when they travel alone.

  4. They always worry their family be anxious for them. 

  5. They have to ask others to help them find the location nearby.

Cost more

Stay home

Get lost

Get hurt


a long time



Need help

Feel lonely



Solving Statement:

1.They need navigation help when they travel alone.

2.They need help with reminding the obstacle.

3.They need the help of quickly and easily to find their way.

4.They need to let their family member know their location.

5.They can get to the destination without help from others.

User Persona:

To culminate our user research findings, we synthesized one distinct persona. Someone who is a vision disabled old man. He lived with his wife who also has amblyopia. 

Name: Li yunqing

Age: 86

Location: Hunan​

Basic Information:

He lives with his wife Li yumei who also has amblyopia. He has a son who is lives in the city and busy with his work. His son only has time to come home during the weekend.

Li Yunqing is a vision disabled man who is retired at home. He lives with his wife who also has amblyopia. They have to go out to the market to buy food three times a week. Every time he goes to the market he will need the help from others to find the right way that makes he feel bad. He has to cross a road in order to go to the closed market from his home. There are no public facilities in the road. So he has to be careful when he crosses the street. He wants to know more information about his neighborhood like a nice restaurant or grocery store. His son is worried about he when he gets out to buy grocery. He doesn't want his son worried about him. So he has to call his son every day. 


1. Hard to find the right way to the destination.

2. Easy get hurt when he walking in street.

3. Not easy to find good places in his neighborhood.

4.Going out always make his family worried.



1. A device which can help to navigation.

2. A device which could help avoid obstacles.

3. A device which could let his family know his safety.

4. A device can tell him good places in his neighborhood.

5. A device which could offer First aid. 


Li yunqing is going to buy groceries this afternoon. He through voice input his destination. The app helps he calculate the close way to his destination. He walking through the voice. When there is an obstacle in front of he. The app will tell him to avoid being hurt. When he finished groceries, he wants to find a bank nearby. He through voice input “bank”. The system helps him to find the nearest bank and guide him there. The mean time system send his location to his family to let them know where he is. After to the bank, he uses the app to help them back to home. 



Primary User Flow: Help him to navigation.
Second User Flow: To ensure his safety.


User Scenario

Flow chart & Wireframes

The flow chart of the app mainly have two part are Navigation and Auxiliary function. Navigation part user can through voice to set destination and through voice to navigation. Auxiliary function includes through voice to active First aid and explores your surroundings.

Vision Assist Glass
Choose On Map
My Location
Automatic choose your current location
Saved Location
Through voice to choose 
location on a map
Choose your saved location

Sketch of the Concept 

Vision Assist Glass

Homepage Design

Users can access the functions through voice or the pulling down menu.

Selected Interface Design

Glasses Model

The usage video of the functions of the visual assist glass

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