Interactive Platform for Studying Abroad

Easy Education

Interactive Platform for Studying Abroad

Easy Education is an interactive platform which is focused on helping students studying abroad. Students can search for excellent Portfolios. They can search the school's information and build their own Personal exhibition space. Also, the platform has the system which allows communication between Interviewer and Candidates. Students also could download the app which assists to check The progress of students' application. You can check the school you already applied and the school you are applying now. And also can check the material you have already submit to the school and get the information from the school.

My Role: UX&UI Designer / Digital Designer

Time Frame: 6 month  

Release Date: 08/01/2014

Early concept:

Early Concept:

With the mutual exchange of information and improve the standard of living, many China students decided to go abroad for further study, but because of the difference of complicated application material and language, many of the best students in China will rely on violence service abroad, many foreign service agencies have just copied the same foreign mode, and not according to the actual situation of individual and private custom. And the service fees are usually very expensive. I hope that through this complete set establishment to make such a communication platform between Chinese students and foreign universities. Students in this platform can share excellent learning students works and they can also communicate with the school of the interviewer. China students can build up exclusive space between themselves and the elite one interviewer in such a platform. The interviewer can also release information and gain the excellent students on this platform.

We try to define the problem through the research. 
1. What is the pain point of the student in China want to apply the school abroad?
2. What is the best way to show student's works to the school which they want to apply?
3. How many students going to apply art school? What's the help they need most?
4. How to help them improve their work?
5. How to help them connected the network of their dream school?
6. what is the most convenient way to help them to track their application.
1. Society Analysis
Project Proposal:

According to China International Talent Blue Book: "China Study Development Report" since 2008, the number of students studying abroad in China to maintain the 20% annual growth rate and reach the largest number in history in 2011. The number of 339,700 people are growing to 41 million in 2012, The growth rate is more than 20% the number of students will reach 49 million in 2013. Since the 21st century, with the development of China's economic globalization and China's economic conditions continue to improve, more and more Chinese students choose to study abroad, so the number of Chinese students has risen sharply in recent years. 2007-2011, the number of students studying abroad were more than 20% in recent 4 years.


With the increasing number of Chinese students studying abroad, the number of students studying art is also growing. There are around 35% Chinese student study abroad are art students. Students choose to go abroad to study art are mainly in the United States, UK, France. The number of students studying in France art school is increased by about 20% in 2011. There are about 40% of Chinese students who study in France are art students and about 15% who study in the UK are art students. Art students study abroad are increasing every year but there are no art institutions which can help these art students to apply to art school. And all the other general institutions can’t effectively support art student with their portfolio and applications.


There are 35% Chinese student study abroad are art students.


There are about 40% Chinese students who study in France are art students


There are about 15% who study in the UK are art students.

2. User Research
According to our research, User groups are most these three people. There are art students, designers, and artist.
Art students
User Persona:
To culminate our user research findings, we synthesized one distinct persona. Someone who is an art student tries to apply the art school in the USA. 
Name: Zheng Xu
Age: 24
Location: Panjin
Basic information
: She is living in Panjin which is a small city in the North of China. She loves art and wants to go to her dream school in the USA.
Zheng Xu is a high school student in Panjin. She loves design and art and she wants to learn art and design in college, but because she is living in a small city, she can't find an art teacher who can help her with her portfolio. And there are not a professional institution or people who can help her with her application. So she tries to find a general institution which helps students to apply school abroad but they are not familiar with the art school. They only can give the suggestion on some paperwork but they can't give any professional feedback with her portfolio or give any references. And because the institution is helping a lot student with their application so they can't help her to show her best talent to her dream school and help her tracking her application in real time.
User Scenario

Zheng Xu wants to apply to the School of Visual Art in New York. She signs up an account in Easy education. She can find a lot of great design works on the website and she can talk to one of the students in the School of Visual Art on the website. She can send the message to SVA student to ask experience and advice about how to improve her Portfolio. When she finished her Portfolio. She can find the Admissions officer of SVA through the website and submit her design works to the officer. She can talk to the officer through email on the website. She can mark her document through the app and track her application status in the app.



Primary User Flow: Share the experience with famous collage's students and submit the application online.
Second User Flow: Effectively organize all application document and track your application in a real time.

Flowchart & Wireframes

The flowchart of the website mainly has 4 parts. There are school's info, portfolio, profile and contact with Interviewer. You can create your own portfolio and view others portfolios. You can create your profile so the interviewer can see you detail information also you can through website contact the interviewers. The Working flow also includes sign up and log in. In the sign-up part, you can choose if you are a student or a professor from school. 


Mark application documents

Display the school you are applying now

Show the documents you need to submit

Check the material you already submitted

Display the school Which you already applied

Show the dates you already submit your application

Show your infomation


There are some photos of my website showing in the exhibition

Here is the video introduction of easy education.

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