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Time We Meet

Selective invitation online social networking platform that helps off-site group meetings

TimeWeMeet is an online social networking platform that helps off-line group meetings. It using an invitation mechanism, users only can invite by a unique code which sends by their friends. Users can join the events with their friends. And they also can create their own groups, create their own events and meet their friend which their want to share.

My Role: UX&UI Designer

Time Frame: 1 month  

Release Date: 06/05/2017

Sign up by invitation

User can through a unique code which their friends send to them to sign up the account. When they sign up they will join the group with their friends

Project Proposal:

The idea of TimeWeMeet comes from the problem we fond through our research of off-line events. Now there are a lot of social media platforms allow users to post an event and invited people to join the event and allow people will meet other new friends in the event, like Facebook or meet up. But the problems of these platforms are you need to invite your friends to join the event but the friends you invited may not interested in this event. Or like meetup you can invite the people who interested in these events but you have to meet new people. So we want to help users to find a way to join the event they interested with their friends.

We try to define the problem through the research. 


  1. How to only ask the friends who are interested in the events to join?

  2. How to manage the event without letting a friend quit?

  3. How to suggest the events according to user hobby?

  4. How to only chat with the people who join the events?


1.User Research (Survey & User interview)

We used surveys and user interviews to do the user research. We send out about 100 online surveys and interview the 20 people. We conducted a survey with two primary goals. First, find out whether they want to join an event with their friend or new people. Second, Do they want to hang out with friends with an interesting event or any events? The result shows that more people want to hang out with their friends in instead of new people. And people want to join the events they are interested in and they are hard to say no if friends ask them to an event they are not interested. 

2.competitive / society analysis

There are a lot of platforms are online social networking platform that helping off-site meetings. Mostly there are 3 types. One, like meetup is an online social platform which is helping people to meet people which have same interested to meet off-line. Another type is like Tinder which is online social platform focus on meeting new people and dating. It's one and one mode. Another type is like Facebook which is an online social networking platform which can share your photos video with your friends. It also can send invitations to aks their friends to join the events. 


Meetup is an online social platform which helping people to meet new people with the same hobby.



Tinder is an online dating app for people to meeting new people. It can allow users to swipe. match. chat. date.


Facebook can allow users connect with friends, family and other people they know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.

Meetup Workflow

HowAboutWe (Match) Workflow

Tinder Workflow

To culminate our user research findings, we synthesized one distinct persona. Someone who is a girl who is working as a copywriter in a social media company, she has a lot of free time after work, she loves to hang out with her friends but she doesn't like to meet new people. 

User Persona:

Name: kathy Wang

Moma will have a new art show this weekend. Kathy hears about the show and she really interested in this show. She wants to see the show this weekend. She asks her best friend Mary to go with her, but mary doesn't like the art show. So she downloads the app and post an event in there and because she will drive there so she wants no more 4 people in this events. After 2 days there are another 4 of her friends want to join her to see the show. They using the group chat function in the app to chat the time they are going to meet. They have a really nice time of the art show. When she back home she thought the app find another art show event next week with her friend. She is so excited to join the event. 

Age: 29

Location: New York​

Basic Information:

She graduated from New York University in New York, then she works as a copywriter in New York. Her family is in China. She has a lot of free time after work so she likes to hang out with her friends after work. 

Flow chart & Wireframes

The flow chart of the app has discovered an event, Group chat, Post an event and my profile functions. Users need to have an invite code in order to sign up an account. They can through the discover function to find an event they are interested or invited. They can post their own event too.

User can swipe the event in the discover mode to choose the event they are interested in and they can also see who join the events.

Discover the events

Selected Interface Design

Manage your events

The user can set the event filter and search the keyword for the events they like and they can manage their events in my events.


Here is the prototype of the app. I create the app prototype in inVision. You can click the screen.


The prototype mainly shows 8 parts:


    1. Sign up through unique code

    2. Discover Event

    3. Filter (setting your favorite events)

    4. Group Chat

    5. Post an Event

    6. Manage your Events

    7. Profile

    8. Search

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